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Petition requesting an Election NOW

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to call a general election immediately.
The last two local elections have shown that the people are no longer prepared to tolerate Nu-Labour without a mandate. Gordon Brown is a spent force and MUST now immediately go to the country - anything less will be be outright political fraud and maintenance of their expensive troughing lifestyles at all cost.

A nod of the bonce to Alan Wallace


  1. Right, I have to tag some bloggers and you are one of them... "8 things you hate" :)

    You hate me now don't you? Well, that's one!

  2. dont blame sue for the tagging thing..i tagged her and i was tagged by killer, who was tagged by someone else..besides, its fun to get 8 things that piss you off off your tits!

    as for calling an election..i dont see it somehow..we need her maj to step in and disolve parliament...otherwise the cycloptic cunt will hang on for another fucking year.

  3. Ha, I know who is to blame. It's that prick in Downing street. Everything is now officially his fault.

    Cameron could - if he has the balls - force an election.
    Don't think Queenie actually has any real say in the matter.

    I'll do the hate thing tomorrow after I sort out this bloddy laptop, which has been playing up today.


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