Quote of the Day?

'I don't think this man would sell a lot of T-shirts'

Samuel Obeng, who has lived in New York for eight years having moved to the US from Ghana, was selling T-shirts of Barack Obama. 

"He's God's gift to the whole world and we appreciate him by selling these T-shirts." Obeng sells the shirts wholesale for $60 (£42.75) a dozen. 

Would he be interested in making T-shirts with the man in the Guardian's picture printed on them?

"I don't really recognise him."

He's the British prime minister, Gordon Brown. Have you heard of him.

"Yeah, erm, no." 

Would you consider selling T-shirts of this man?

"Well, er, people buy if they recognise a popular person. I don't really think this man would sell a lot."

from the Guardian.


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