The Law of The Jungle.

Does Harriet Advocate Jungle Law?

Seems she may well be doing just that.

Boris in TheTelegraph

Will their assets be expropriated under the same Act? How will their guilt be determined, or will Hattie just put on her leopard skin accessories and stomp and jingle through the City, waving her calabash rattle and sniffing out the culprits?


In so far as Hattie wants to make Sir Fred and other bankers pay for their crimes, she is certainly in tune with the public mood: many people would happily see them strung from the lamp posts.

Thing is Harriet, it would appear that an awful lot of the public  would wish the same for you and  your colleagues. 

Update: Hahahahahaha, I just saw this from Obnoxio!

You couldn't make it up.


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