Friday, 27 March 2009

Hain and Morgan do Obama.

From Devils Kitchen comes this fucking piece of execrable defecation from AnuerysmsRus.

Warning, Warning, I had to have my brain vaccuumed after listening to this for less than 17 seconds, it having proved impossible to block both sound and vision simultaneously.

Join Glyndwr's army!

We're looking for contributors - we want to hear from Labour-minded people from across Wales who would like to get involved.

Hmmm, this lot may be interested. They have a similar approach to music and their presentation skills are just as faultless.

If it's not too late, maybe you could persuade Gordon to book them for the opening of the G20 bash on April Twats Day. Get both singers to duet and you wouldn't need riot police to clear the streets of protesters, they'd be begging to be led away from the horror, with ears bleeding and eyeballs rotating out of control!

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