D Day Veterans Reject National Lottery Offer.

Peter Hodge, honorary general secretary of the Normandy Veterans Association, said:

"There is no way in the world I am going to agree with the National Lottery standing up and saying they sent our veterans to Normandy in the 65th anniversary," 

"The people of this country have put the money together and the veterans this year will be going to Normandy with the blessing and the appreciation of the British people and there is no way, that 10 weeks before the kick-off, that they are going to take the credit for this."

The Normandy Veterans Association said it would not accept the money at this late stage.
It said it had almost raised enough with the help of a national newspaper.


  1. Joyous and uplifting stuff. All good fortune to a generation we can be so proud of.

  2. Good for them, the Government has been smarmingly telling them to get stuffed for years and this attempt to grandstand on the back of the Veterans popularity is nauseating.

    Hopefully the will deny Ghastly Gordon a space at what will be a private function. Better still, give him a small chair, just off the main platform.


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