Jack Straw is On Message But Out of Step With Reality

Yesterday, Jack "The Strawman" wrote an article on CiF

I occasionally ask the asylum seekers at my constituency surgeries why they made the very long journey to the United Kingdom rather than a much shorter one somewhere else. The answer is almost always the same: it is better here. People have more rights and greater protection.

What do you think they're going to say? Because the UK is a soft touch? You need our votes? You're fucking mad and we hate you? What would happen to them, would you let them stay in the country? How many have told you the truth and then been exited?

The climate in a post-9/11 world is much harder than anyone imagined, even in the immediate aftermath of that outrage. I do not pretend we've got everything right. We haven't. Take the data-sharing measures proposed in the coroner's and justice bill. Their aim is good, but parliamentary scrutiny has thrown up justifiable concerns that the powers provided could be misused. It's not our intention but I agree, so we are acting to get a much better balance between data protection and access to services.

Fucking Ditch if you're at all concerned  you worm. You proposed it in the present form because you know damn well no one in their right mind would think it was a good idea. So, now you offer to take a second look and hope we'll fall for the watered down version that, you originally intended for us.

And while the ends can never justify the means, our motives for seeking better protection for citizens from terrorism and crime are hardly ignoble. Those who cast myself and my colleagues as Orwellian drones engaged in some awful conspiracy planned in Whitehall basements not only overlook all this government's achievements, they cheapen the important debate about getting the balance right so that a very important freedom, that to live without fear in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect, is nurtured and protected.

Have you been looking over my shoulder again? If you say it isn't a conspiracy, guess what the truth is you twat faced arse. That pic I did of you as Gollum came the closest to justice you'll ever see.

And there is of course an ultimate check on executive power - democracy. Talk of Britain sliding into a police state is daft scaremongering, but even were it true there is a mechanism to prevent it - democratic elections. People have the power to vote out administrations which they believe are heavyhanded.

You and your Glorious Leader have been offered the chance to prove that statement on numerous occasions. Why don't you see if you can get Gordy to accept the challenge?

When people come to assess the choices available at the next election, I will stand proudly on Labour's record, from the Lawrence inquiry, which reported 10 years ago this week, progressive legislation on race and gender, to devolution, the Human Rights Act, Freedom of Information and much more, and be ready to be judged on it. I hope that in the final reckoning even some of our harshest critics will concede that this Labour government has done more than any before it to extend liberties and to constrain government.

Here's a video for you Jack hope you get the message.

There were 512 comments posted in reply to your article. Did you read any of them? Did you get the feeling that you were out of step with reality? Somehow I doubt you were in the slightest bit swayed by any of the comments.

Today however, the voices got louder, didn't they? 

Still sitting in your basement, in the Palace of Injustice, with your fingers in you ears Jack?

Still stand by your track record on civil liberties? Want to know how bad it's going to get for you and Labour? Best keep your mouth shut and follow the example of Jacqui and David, They've learnt a bit of a lesson on how their employers now feel towards them............. 

And finally, an article by Philip Pullman. originally from the Times, but which has been pulled, now preserved via Prodicus  and  Longrider: Malevolent voices that despise our freedoms


  1. "You're fucking mad and we hate you"

    Thanks, now I know what to say when Labour comes knocking at my door touting for votes.

  2. They would have to listen and comprehend for that to work. They're worse than double glazing salesmen. They'll never understand how despised they are, no matter how many times you shout at them to get their maggotty fat arses off your doorstep.


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